Joke’s on me, Obama Admin’s decision on emergency contraception

Great news! The government has finally decided that nothing is more important than the safety of children.

You didn’t hear? Well you can rest assured that one more barrier will stand between a woman’s ability to prevent an unplanned pregnancy so that children can’t stock up on dangerous over-the-counter substances at the drug store.

Wait, there are other dangerous over-the-counter substances already on drugstore shelves that children can easily buy, like fruit-flavored cough syrup?

What’s that you say? Pregnancy can be much more dangerous both physically and emotionally for teens and pre-teens than the emergency contraception they are trying to buy to prevent it?

Darn you Obama Administration – I thought when you decided to reject the FDA’s advice to approve over-the-counter emergency contraception because it hadn’t been tested on 11-year-olds, you were making a statement that we as a nation were going to put the needs of children before everything else.

I assumed I’d open the Interwebs today and see a rash of articles about how the government is rejecting any policy that could possibly harm children. Bye-bye lead in toys. Adios toxins in drinking water. See ya BPA in food containers.

Oh, protecting children was just a scapegoat for a political agenda to make sure women can’t easily access emergency contraception in the time period needed to ensure its efficacy. I see.


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