How about we dip THEIR heads in formaldehyde?

That’s it, I’ve been pushed to the edge.  It’s time to get extreme.

A bunch of people have sent me the news links about Johnson & Johnson KNOWINGLY selling baby shampoo with carcinogens in it.  In case you’re like, “ooooh, everything on this planet is a carcinogen, get over it A-Dubs,” let me elaborate:

The shampoo you put on your baby’s head, that gets in their eyes and mouth, has FORMALDEHYDE in it.  Formaldehyde, people.  We’ve known since 1980 that prolonged exposure (oh, I don’t know, like bathing your child in it every day) is linked to cancer, particularly leukemia.

And Johnson & Johnson is still selling it here in the U.S., even though they’ve changed the formula for countries like Denmark and the U.K., which have governments that clearly care more about kids than ours.

As of yesterday, J&J agreed to stop producing new formaldehyde-filled baby shampoo for the U.S., but it’s still on shelves.  And it took them two years to agree to this!

Remember when China executed milk producers who knowingly sold milk that killed six babies and made hundreds of thousands sick?  Perhaps it’s time our Justice Department start considering this tactic.

I’m serious, people.  It’s time to get all eye-for-an-eye biblical up in here.  Death sentence is too much, you say?  How about we dip their heads in formaldehyde every day?  Seems like a fair deterrent to me.

Oh, please, please let me read today that the government is recalling Johnson & Johnson shampoo.

Until then, please throw yours out.  And until I can convince the Justice Department to set up formaldehyde dunking tanks in town squares, please switch to all-natural baby products.  I know they are pricey, but what choice do we have?


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